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tel. 349-1417013
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via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto,8 46010 Redondesco (MN)



Porcelain veneers feldspatica on refractory :

Highly aesthetic, and produced with ceramic-E-max or Creation, pottery, and very translucent.They can also be milled with cad-cam is such as ceramic feldspatica as lithium disilicate.

Custom abutments in zirconia on the basis of titanium :

Designed entirely with Cad are then glued to the bases of titanium (ti-basic).


Full ceramic


The all ceramic Metal Free, a product derived from Cad-Cam technology, has remarkable properties in terms of aesthetics and biocompatibilita'. In the dental field and is the material that is closer to the beauty of a natural tooth.

                                   Lithium disilicate


The innovative ceramic to lithium disilicate (LS2) fulfils the highest aesthetic expectations and combines the most modern technology with the extraordinary comfort in use.It is used in single tooth restorations and bridges up to three elements with the technique of pressing or milling Cad Cam software, offers a product that is durable (360/400 MpA), highly aesthetic and with a natural translucency.The cementation can be self-adhesive,self-adhesive or conventional.You can also do veneers in the disilicate.

                                  E-Max Cad-On

A combination of materials is unique in its genre LS2+ZRO2.The substructure zirconia-coated lithium disilicate (pasted with Crystal/Connect).Meets both the highest aesthetic requirements and strength (900 MPa).The union of the integral ceramic allows successive firings for any characterizations of color.

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