William Aroldi

via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto,8 46010 Redondesco (MN)


mail.  wlm75@libero.it
tel. 349-1417013
I.T.C.A 01033322


Drawn aside himself/herself/themselves of a fixed prosthesis that is applied, screwing her/it to the abutments (pillars stretched out connected us to the fittings) or directly screwed on the fittings. Although conceived and employee since the first patient treated by the group of the Swedish Pioneers directed by Branemark, his/her name, Toronto, derives from the Canadian city in which, in 1982, international scientific community was introduced to. It replaces twelve dental elements and it restores both the aesthetical aspects and functional.
Its principal characteristic is that for which the number of restored teeth doesn't correspond to the number of the fittings. This means that five fittings in the inferior arcade and six in the superior arcade, sustain twelve elements stretched out us.

to.Toronto with teeth in composite high quality structures

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